Code of Ethics

Types of Inspections we offer:

  • Comprehensive Home Inspection
  • Snag Report for buildings in construction phase
  • Walk-through Inspection (Verbal)
  • Rental - Landlord Entry & Exit Reports
  • Pet Safety Assessment 

Comprehensive Home Inspection


A Comprehensive Home Inspection Report gives you vital information regarding the current condition of the property. A Comprehensive Home Inspection covers the following aspects of your property/potential property:

  • External: Structure, Roof, Visible Foundation, Chimney, Balconies, Patios, Decks, Plumbing, Windows and Doors.

  • Internal: Plumbing, Floor Coverings, Ceilings, Insulation, Ventilation, Staircases, Fittings and Finishes, Moisture Problems and Mold Infestation. 

  • Other: Staff quarters, Storerooms, Garages, Surface Water Management, Railing, Walkways, Gates, Retaining and Boundary Walls/Fences.

Our inspectors use FLIR ONE Thermal Imaging Cameras to assess many problems that cannot be seen normally, for example, air and water leaks, electrical hot spots, and the condition of you insulation.

Snag Report 


Whether you are building a new home or doing renovations to your current home, we can assist you with inspections at any stage of construction. Such a Snag Report will inform you of any strutural problems as well as any problems with installations and finishings. Inspections at these phases can safe a client thousands of Rands down the line as it assist clients in catching problems early.


Upon completion of newly built houses the client is often asked to sign off that they are happy with the quality of the building. In this instance a Snag Report can assist a client in detecting problems that they can then have fixed before they sign off on the building.


Snag Reports assist you in ensuring that you receive the quality and standards that you expect from your new home or renovation project.



Walk-through Inspection


The Walk-through Inspection is a quick visual inspection of the condition of a property. The inpspector will report on visually observable problems, but this is not a comprehensive inspection and therefore is not as thorough and does not include a written report.



Rental Entry & Exit Reports


This is a great report for either Landlords or Rental Agencies. It is a quick general inspection of the condition of the property with a report including photographs. This, being an independent report, can resolve many disputes about the condition of a rental property e.g. functionality of toilets, condition of doors, etc.



Pet Safety Assessment


When moving to a new home pet owners often have to look at various aspects of the home and property with regards to the safety of their pets. This assessment allows you to have a complete inspection of your new home from your pet's point of view ensuring their safety in all aspects.


Real Estate Agents as well as the Buyers and Sellers of property need to be aware that South Africa’s new Consumer Protection Act became effective from 1 April 2011. Section 55 of this Act suggests that Real Estate Agents will be held responsible for ensuring that home buyers are fully informed regarding the condition of the property. The “As Is” or “Voetstoots”clause in an Offer to Purchase will no longer apply, therefore Real Estate Agents will not be protected from the risks of non-disclosure. In effect, Real Estate Agents will need to provide full disclosure up-front to potential home buyers. Comprehensive Home Inspections fills this gap for all parties concerned.